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Thinking about remodeling your garage? Perhaps, you would like a new, modern barn for your property? No need to fret, we have the manpower, expertise, and construction solutions for you!

We build quality custom barns, shops, and garages that will suit your storage, business, and other related commercial needs in Drummond, Philipsburg and other nearby locations. With Doug Graybeal Construction, you get the best craftsmanship from our experienced and highly skilled carpenters and contractors who know how to properly design and put together your specific barns, shops, and garages.

With our state-of-the-art equipment and reliable machines and power tools, constructing your custom-made garages, shops, and barns won’t be a problem. We can build any size and height based on your specifications. Just let us know what you need and we’ll have it constructed for you. You can choose your own design or we can also propose one that matches your requirements. You pick the size and color and we can do the rest, saving you time and money. Our company uses only quality materials in all our custom garages, barns, and shop projects. We do not only build, but also educate our clients about other aspects of customizing such as safety of the structure, aesthetics, and energy-efficiency of the new construction. You get professional carpentry and construction advice that can help you make a well-informed decision about your garage, barn, or shop design.

Aside from building the best quality garages, barns, and shops, we also have competitive prices and rates for all our construction services in Drummond, Philipsburg. We can always be flexible and work on a price that suits your budget and still gives you what you want for your home garage, business shop, or storage barn.

Call us today and we can start planning the construction of your new garage, shop, or barn in Drummond, Philipsburg.